SOLVED CcmSetup failed with error code 0x80004005

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Could you please tell me the procedure to install a configuration manager in client machines through SCCM server. I followed some steps to install but I struck with some errors. Please find those errors in image snap. It is in log file.


Prajwal Desai

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@Gangaiah Lakkakula - From the screenshot that you attached I see that you have not install FSP (Fall back status point) role so please install the role first.
Also may I know which version of SCCM have you installed and have you configured boundary and boundary groups correctly ?
Thank you for response, I done following settings in sccm server and clients
1. Client's switched off Firewall
2. New Boundary created with clients IP' range in SCCM console
3. MP installed again in SCCM
4. After 60 mins it resolved .

In this process we need prerequisites to check both IIS and BITS roles in SCCM's server Server manager.
Thanks to all
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