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Lync Recorded session shows pending status

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Last week one of my colleague experienced a weird issue with Lync recording manager. He informed me that his Lync Recorded session shows pending status. This guy attempted to record a conference in Lync 2013. Upon the completion of conference, there were no audio or video files populated in C:\Users\Username\Video\Lync Recordings folder. Now that’s the folder path where Lync recorded videos are stored. Furthermore upon opening the Lync Recording Manager, he saw the Lync recorded session showed pending status. The size showed 0 MB and length of the session showed 00:00:00. From within Recording Manager, you can play recordings, rename recordings or create a video format that you can share with others. However all these options were greyed out.

Lync Recorded session shows pending status When you’re in Lync conversation, you can start recording provided the participant’s organization allows you to record. When you stop recording, Lync automatically saves the recording. By default the recordings are saved on your computer. The folder path is C:\Users\<your user name>\Lync Recordings.

After checking multiple Lync forums, it was advised to wait until the status changes from pending to completed. However in this case the status showed pending for long time and video was never published. The resolution to this issue is really crazy.

Fix for Lync Recorded session shows pending status

After further investigation, I found that the laptop was running on battery power. When the mouse was hovered on pending status, the message said “Pending was paused to save power, plug in to continue“. As soon as the AC adapter was connected, the publishing of video started immediately. Probably the recorded sessions weren’t published because Lync prefers to do the publishing only when the laptop is connected to AC adapter. It could also be due to the fact that the publishing a video resources lot of CPU resources.

Lync Recorded session shows pending status

  1. Deepak Patni says

    Very helpful ..Thanks

  2. SDC says

    Thanks for this! The same thing happened to one of my recordings!

    1. Prajwal Desai says

      Yeah and sometimes it’s so difficult to figure out this.

  3. Pamela says

    Very helpful, thanks, I thought I wasn’t gonna be able to get my recording back, you saved my life!!

  4. Veronica says

    THANKS! Even when my computer was almost full charged, as soon as I plugged in the power cord the status changed and the process was finished! It’s something that never cross my mind during troubleshooting. Thanks for the tip!

  5. Rekha says

    This is a life saver, thanks!

  6. Polly Joseph says

    Thanks man, you da best! You saved my skin! If I may, in your description of yourself, you have a small typo: ” and I have been working in the IT for over 8 years” I think that “the” between “in” and “IT” is redundant. y

    1. Prajwal Desai says

      Thanks Polly. I have modified the description 🙂

  7. Prem says

    Thanks so much. It helped me , otherwise I had no clue.

  8. Pankaj says

    Wow u just saved our day. What a helpful reply.

  9. Raj says

    awesome.. frightened that i might have lost the important recording

  10. Mike says

    Like you said solution given for this one is Crazy, but it’s true man… Cheers..

  11. Ganapathy KR says

    You are a legend. Thanks for the resolution.

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    Most useful solution ever read/ heard. Thanks a lot.

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