SCCM Automatic deployment rule failed with error code 0X87D20417

This is a short post on troubleshooting the SCCM automatic deployment rule issue. Recently one of the user posted an issue related to ADR in community forums. The SCCM automatic deployment rule failed with error code 0X87D20417. In one of my post we have already seen how to create and work with ADR. Because the ADR’s have the ability to automatically approve updates and deploy them, they are quite popular.

When you are working with ADR’s you could come across many issues. The issues could be related to proxy settings, EULA issues, time out issues etc. For each error code that you see, there is a troubleshooting involved. Therefore investigating the log files will reveal the error codes and help you in further troubleshooting.

Looking at the patchdownloader log file revealed the following. In this case the error was seen during the deployment of endpoint protection definitions.

Contentsource = \\Site Server\Sources\Updates\EP_Definitions\AM_Delta_Patch_1.247.789.0
Content source = \\Site Server\Sources\Updates\EP_Definitions\WsusContent\9B\E8701A7BB
Downloading content for ContentID = 16809086, FileName = AM_Delta_Patch_1.247.789.0
Download\\Site Server\Sources\Updates\EP_Definitions\AM_Delta_Patch_1.247.789.0 to C:\Windows\TEMP\CAB4B19.tmp returns 2
Download \\Site Server\Sources\Updates\EP_Definitions\am_delta_patch_1.247.789.0_e8701a7bb144f9ec2d1c5193e2d6aa4ad3700c9b to C:\Windows\TEMP\CAB4B2A.tmp returns 2
Download\\Site Server\Sources\Updates\EP_Definitions\WsusContent\9B\E8701A7BB144F9EC2D1C5193E2D6AA4AD3700C9B to C:\Windows\TEMP\CAB4B2B.tmp returns 3
ERROR: DownloadContentFiles() failed with hr=0x80070003

SCCM Automatic deployment rule failed with error code 0X87D20417

To fix the SCCM Automatic deployment rule failed with error code 0X87D20417, try the below mentioned steps. If none of these worked and some thing else did, post it in comments.

  • Try recreating the automatic deployment rule again. Deleting the existing ADR and creating a new one works most of the times.
  • Automatic Deployment Rules don’t work when you use specific proxy authentication on a site server. There is a hotfix available for this issue. Note that the hotfix is applicable only if you have installed Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager.
  • Error code=3 means the system cannot find the path specified. So ensure you have provided the correct path to download the updates.