SCCM Install Error Requested Registry access is not allowed


SCCM Install Error Requested Registry access is not allowed During installation of SCCM, you encounter an error Requested Registry access is not allowed. Very recently this error was reported by one of the user in my community forums. This error is seen during the SCCM setup (it could be while setting up configuration manager for the first time or while performing a configuration manager upgrade), it doesn’t allow you to proceed and when you press Next, error dialog appears “Requested registry access is not allowed“. In most of the cases you see this error on the Database Information page of Configuration Manager setup wizard, where you see SQL server FQDN and database name. The error is commonly seen when you use remote SQL Server instance to host the site database. The error screenshot is shown below. I will list out the troubleshooting steps that you can carry out to fix this issue.

SCCM Install Error Requested Registry access is not allowed

SCCM Install Error Requested Registry access is not allowed

To fix this issue, you could verify or perform these steps :-

1) The Configuration Manager server computer account should be the member of the local admin group on the SQL Server. This holds true even if it’s a remote SQL server.

2) If the user account running Configuration Manager Setup does not have administrative rights on the remote SQL Server, you must assign the sysadmin SQL Server role to the user account in the SQL Server Management Studio console on the remote SQL Server computer.

3) If you have added only the user account to local admin group on remote SQL, you might encounter the same error. You need to add the server account as local admin on remote SQL as well.

4) Make sure you open SQL SERVER PORTS in the firewall. SQL Server listens for incoming connections on port 1433 & Port 4022 which is a SQL Service Broker.

If the above troubleshooting steps did not help you and if some thing else worked for you, please mention it in the comments. If you need help, feel free to ask in the Community Forums.

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