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SCCM OSD Error PXE-T04 Access Violation

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Today one of the engineer reported a PXE error while imaging the laptops. The error was SCCM OSD error PXE-T04 Access violation. The engineer mentioned that OSD was working fine previously. However there were no changes done to distribution nor the DHCP server configuration. Note that this remote site has got multiple VLAN’s. There are few VLAN’s where the OSD is restricted. In other words OSD won’t work in such VLAN’s. As this issue occurred in a remote site, I had to simulate or test this in a virtual setup. Creating a new Hyper-V VM in remote site and PXE booting it showed the following error.

PXE-T04: Access Violation
PXE-E36: Error Received from TFTP Server

SCCM OSD Error PXE-T04 Access Violation

How to fix SCCM OSD Error PXE-T04 Access Violation

My first assumption was this issue could be related to DHCP server configuration. Therefore I checked the DHCP scope, options 66, 67 and all these were fine. I also ensured that Windows Deployment service was up and running. If you browse for error PXE-T04, most of the forum threads and posts tell you that it’s due to incorrect DHCP configuration. The solution suggested is to configure IP helper (BOOTP) settings on the routers or configure DHCP scope options. However in my case the DHCP configuration was very much correct. The network team told me that there were no changes done at all. I tested the OSD in multiple VLAN’s and the error was same in all the tests.

I had to login back to the remote distribution point server and see if I could get any clue over there. Finally I decided to uncheck the PXE and multicast from remote DP properties. Rebooted the distribution point server. Enabled PXE and multicast back on DP. After few minutes I tried PXE boot and to my luck the OSD started working fine. So a small trick fixed my issue. If something else worked for you, feel free to post it in comments.

  1. vili23 says

    my problem was that i have 2 dhcp servers and I set options 66 & 67 only on one because i thought the options would replicate. dumb 🙂

    1. Prajwal Desai says

      No worries. Glad to hear that it’s resolved.

  2. yasser says

    hi i have problem in hotfix
    my console version : 5.0.8239.1000
    my site version : 5.008239.1000
    i need hotfix for this version please

  3. Luis Tejada (LigaDomcom) says

    This work for me, Thank you so much Prajwal

    1. Prajwal Desai says

      Glad to hear that.

  4. Flegi says

    Clear all before installed PC IP address in Device Collection.
    Reset Computer Account in AD.
    Add new device ( NTBK or PC ) with correct NETBIOS NAME and MAC address into Device Collection.

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