Task Sequence Failed with the Error Code 0x80070002


ERROR: Task Sequence Failed with the Error Code 0x80070002. For more information, contact your system administrator or helpdesk operator.

Task Sequence Failed with the Error Code 0x80070002



Task Sequence Failed with the Error Code 0x80070002 – we see this error usually during the operating system deployment using SCCM 2012 R2. When you deploy the task sequence to a collection and when you boot the computer from the network, during the step “Applying Operating System” you encounter the Error Code 0x80070002. In this situation what one might think would be to check SMTS.log file. I would recommend that but there is something else that you need to check first. Error code 0x80070002 in SCCM 2012 can be interpreted as a network error wherein during the OSD the necessary files are not accessible by the computer where the operating system is being deployed.



To fix the issue Error Code 0x80070002, we have to define the network access account. The Network Access account is used only for accessing the content and not for running the task sequence. This account should have the minimum appropriate permissions on operating system deployment content it needs to access. This account is important because the computer receiving the operating system does not have a security context it can use to access content on the network.

To configure the Network Access Account, open the CM2012 R2 console, click on Administration, expand Overview, expand Site Configuration, click Sites, on the top ribbon click Configure Site Components, click Software Distribution.

Task Sequence Failed with the Error Code 0x80070002

Click on the tab Network Access Account, choose Specify the account that accesses network locations (by default the option is set to Use the computer account of Configuration Manager client). Click on the orange icon and add the user account that enough permissions to access the content which is required while deploying Operating System.

Task Sequence Failed with the Error Code 0x80070002

  • Martin Ebell

    Spot on!
    Hugely appreciate your blog.

  • Pranay


    0x80007002 can also be an error when the NIC drivers are not installed from the Task sequence.
    currently, i am facing this issue with lots of physical devices. I don’t wanted to use Auto apply device drivers step on my TS so, i have added separate driver package for all the devices in which i am running the TS. These steps are present with a condition to check for the device & then apply the drivers but the TS fails again & again. I am applying all the drivers before Apply network Settings step.


  • Ajit Singh

    This post helped me a lot, followed your steps and the issue got fixed. Thanks Prajwal. Can you also post the resolutions for other error codes ?

  • John Schmidt

    I had the same problem and had a network Access Account already set up. In my case, I had to clear the network access account, restart the SCCM server, and then re-add the access account for my 80070002 errors to go away.

  • Me

    Thank you so much! You saved me!

  • Deepak Kumar

    I am also getting same error (ox80070002). But i get this after applying operating system.

    2nd thing i am facing problem when window installer image does not appear when i task sequence.

  • ahmed mostafa

    thank you ur prince

  • Risalatul Haque Ontik

    Thanks a lot, I was getting the same error after I going through the routine password change for ALL employees. Your blog helped us a lot in our deployment.

    • @Risalatul – Thank you for that comment. I am happy that it resolved your issue.

  • Anders Jensen

    I’ve checked Our SCCM deployment and I have specified the network Access account already. What riddles me is, that the 80070002 doesn’t show in every OSD. Most of the times we don’t see it if we don’t start a New OSD until after we’ve pressed the “Finish” button. Could it be network problems? We have gigabit from Client machines to the serverrom and SCCM DP and Client machines are in the same subnet so no firewall working Magic here..

    • One of the reason could be the network issue, but we need to troubleshoot this issue starting with SCCM server first.

      • Anders Jensen

        What would you suggest I should do first? Are there any log files I can analyze?

  • brothertax

    I had this error after updating our Network Service Account password in Active Directory. To fix it, I went to AdministrationSecurityAccounts opened the properties of the account, clicked Set, then typed in the new password. After updating the password, OSD wouldn’t fail at “Applying Operating System.”

  • Aaron Lott


    I am late to this and could use some assistance. I am experiencing the same issue as others on this thread. The difference with me though is that I can deploy OSD but if I attach an Answer File to my TS it fails. I thought I have given all proper rights to my share in order to access content. Is there something I can do to fix this?

    • Hi Aaron, could you post the same question here – http://prajwaldesai.com/community/

    • Boner Gatch

      I am having this exact same problem. I imported my unattended package from scam 2007 and it works fine there. The logs make me think the task sequence doesn’t download this file. Aaron did u figure this out??

  • Yaser Hussaini

    When i deploy the task sequence to a vm, i do not get the error 0x80070002. I get it when the ts is deployed to a physical machine on the same domain. Any ideas

  • arturo ibarra

    I checked the account like you outlined; however, an administrator account already exists there that has access to all network locations! I can’t access the smts.log file because I cannot access the machine that I am deploying to because after I PXE boot and the computer restarts and it boots this shows “an operating system is not installed” what do I do?

  • G Halverson

    Thanks for this post! It helped point me to a locked out AD Account

  • G Halverson

    Thanks for this post! It helped me find out my AD Account was locked.

  • There could be some other issue if you are sure that network access account is configured correctly.
    1) Review you SMSTs.log
    2) check Allow Client to Connect Anonymously and see if it fixes the issue.
    3) Software Library > Operating Systems > Operating System Images), and select “Manage Access Accounts”, and then add the SCCM Administrator account.

    • Boner Gatch

      Wher do I check to allow clients to connect anonymously at?

  • RegEBarclay

    Many thanks for sharing this nugget of information. I have followed your articles on OS deployment, and found them to be very helpful in getting it up and running in much less time than I first feared.

  • Mohamed KHalil

    Thank you, solved my Issue 🙂

  • Myndmelt

    This blog post is Gold, worked for me! Thank you so much for taking the time to help others.

    • Thank you Myndmelt. Please share the post on social platforms so that it will help others as well.

  • Tahir Mughal

    hello can you slove Element not found. (Error 80080490); in sccm 2012R2?

  • tuxnician

    I get this issue when it’s almost halfway through the applying OS. We have two other DP’s and they work fine. The server and the clients are on the same gig network switch. For some reason it was working a couple of weeks ago then these error starting popping up. The smsts log doesn’t have any error messages.

  • mahziar

    I suggest you to check the source of the package and ensure to give the UNC path instead of shared folder path. I had this problem and had gave the shared folder path, after correcting it, the error went. I hope it helps

  • Hello, thank you very much. That was my missing link. I had a migration of SCCM 2012 R2 to new hardware and then upgrade to Current Branch. EVERYTHING worked fine. Deployment, Patch Management, everything. Only the OS Tasksequences failed at the point you described.

    I forgot to set the correct Network Access Account!

    Thank you again.


  • sathish siva

    Hi, Am getting 0x80070490 on UEFI disk partition and this is from dell precision t5810 using Using 1TB HDD

    Invalid disk number specified: 0 OSDDiskPart 3/3/2017 12:22:42 PM 2012 (0x07DC)
    Invalid configuration specified. Please ensure that the task sequence is properly configured. OSDDiskPart 3/3/2017 12:22:42 PM 2012 (0x07DC)
    OSDDiskPart.exe failed: 0x80070490 OSDDiskPart 3/3/2017 12:22:42 PM 2012 (0x07DC)
    Failed to run the action: Partition Disk 0 – UEFI.
    Element not found. (Error: 80070490; Source: Windows) TSManager 3/3/2017 12:22:42 PM 1772 (0x06EC)
    The execution of the group (Install Operating System) has failed and the execution has been aborted. An action failed.
    Operation aborted (Error: 80004004; Source: Windows) TSManager 3/3/2017 12:22:42 PM 1772 (0x06EC)
    Failed to run the last action: Partition Disk 0 – UEFI. Execution of task sequence failed.
    Element not found. (Error: 80070490; Source: Windows) TSManager 3/3/2017 12:22:42 PM 1772 (0x06EC)

  • Ah, eureka! This is exactly what I needed as well… after changing this parameter, I forgot to redistribute content. As soon as I did, it resolved my issue. Thanks!