1. Hi, I have applied the settings above, and the policy is active on my test client machine – no reboot prompt requested, but Gpupdate /force applied and rebooted anyway. The policy failed to run. I am on Server 2012 r2 and windows 7 pro on the client. any ideas?

  2. Unfortunately, the consequence of this action in Windows to is the inability run any system app such as Edge, Calc.exe, etc. Microsoft has for some reason, deemed it necessary to kill the administrator if UAC is disabled. While the fix above may deal with one issue, it creates an entire other set which are frankly, unacceptable. I guess I will have to find other apps other than native apps to run for my users. Microsoft is so incredibly inept, it defies words. UAC was never a solution. It was a dodge for Microsoft and a complete rouse. They just passed the buck to the user instead of fixing the security holes in their OS and apps. Chicken-hearted, feeble and irresponsible and even deplorable are some of the words which come to mind.


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